Bankruptcy FAQ

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At Garrett Law LLC, we are here to guide you through the bankruptcy process and help you navigate your circumstances. We understand where you're coming from and want to help you regain control of your finances. Bankruptcy is a fresh start and our firm is dedicated to helping you move forward from your present situation with confidence.

Bankruptcy Works 

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  • FAQ

    • I Want To Find Out More. What Do I Do?

      If you are a Kansas resident, we invite you to call our office anytime. Over the phone, we can make a basic evaluation of your finances and give you some general guidelines about what to do next. If you like, you can also fill out a basic form that we will review before we call you back. This will help us give you information about the issues you consider to be most important.

      We do not push you to bankruptcy – a filing you later regret will not do anyone any good. Rather, our goal is to get you informed about all your options.

    • How Can I Make A Good Decision?

      This goes beyond gathering your bills together. You also need to know the right questions to ask. If you ask the right questions, you can prioritize your issues, and identify the most important goals upon which you must focus.

      We know you are confronted with tremendous short-term financial problems. Every day we see paycheck garnishments, collection pressure, and court dates grinding our families down. Your short-term debt problems may be keeping you from focusing on your long-term financial goals.

      Perspective is key, and that can only be provided by someone outside the thick of the battle. This is where a consultation with a financial professional can save you time and aggravation.

      The most successful clients focus on the long terms and well as the short term. Where do you want to be in five years? We can show you where bankruptcy fits into your lifetime goals. And you will be much more motivated to keep your day-to-day financial discipline, and really make the bankruptcy work for you, if you have a clear vision for the future.

    • How Do I Handle Feeling Like I Failed?

      You were confronted with a financial problem bigger than you were.

      It may have been one or any combination of the following:

      • An illness
      • A job loss
      • A financial emergency

      Chances are, you had to cover these expenses with credit cards or payday loans. Divorce, depression, gambling addiction – mental stress can easily lead to bad decisions. This is human. We promise you, whatever led you to our door, we have heard worse. We are here to listen and to help. Think of this as Day One of your financial comeback.

      Don’t be afraid to consider bankruptcy as an option. Bankruptcy offers hope. It clears debt and puts you under the protection of the Federal court. It allows you to think beyond your next paycheck, court hearing, or collection call. It can help you focus on the most important issue — the financial future of you and your family. Stay Positive, and do not give up. There is life after debt. We file for hundreds of families every year. This process works. Do not be intimidated. We are here to help, every step of the way.

    • What Do I Need To Know Right Now?
      • Bankruptcy works. Every year we file for hundreds of families just like yours.
      • You can stop collection activity. The day you file, creditors have to back off. Period.
      • You can get rid of most of your debts. Credit cards, medical bills, and other debts are erased.
      • You can keep your property. Almost all your property is protected by exemption statutes.
      • We are here to help. We have the information you need, at a comfortable level of detail.